Below Baldwin

On November 17, 2015, construction on Baldwin Hall on the University of Georgia campus came to a halt when workers discovered human remains on the site. DNA tests revealed what many local historians already knew to be true. [Read More]

How to Apply and Vote with an Absentee Ballot

Check out the Economic Justice Coalition's latest video on how to fill out your absentee ballot application and the absentee ballot itself. [Read More]

Building a Counseling Psychology of Liberation

What is liberation, and what would practicing a "counseling psychology of liberation" look like in theory, practice, research, and advocacy? [Read More]

We Voted You In. Now Don't Lock Us Out

[Read More]

The Unfinished Work

At the end of his life, Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. fought for a federal job guarantee. Fifty years later, this agenda is too often forgotten. [Read More]

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Conference

When we fight, we win. [Read More]

Protesta Viernes!

No arrestos por no licensias! [Read More]

From the Shadows: The Struggle for El Pueblo

President Donald Trump created quite a stir when he proposed to build a wall on the U.S. - Mexico border, and when Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA... [Read More]

Dear Athens, Georgia

Presenting “Dear Athens Georgia,” the short story of a town whose citizens refuse to be defined by their differences... [Read More]