From the Shadows: The Struggle for El Pueblo


President Donald Trump created quite a stir when he proposed to build a wall on the U.S. - Mexico border, and when Jeff Sessions announced the end of DACA, progressives around the country expressed similar outrage. But the immigrant justice movement goes much deeper than simply resisting the current administration’s hateful rhetoric, or their indifference to DACA recipients.

In Athens, Georgia, as immigrants and their allies in the activist community grapple with the larger questions behind mass deportation and incarceration, a vibrant network has emerged to counteract the attacks on the undocumented community. This documentary tells the story of that community and their struggle for a true home, a home in which their basic human rights are honored and their cultural contributions are valued. This is the story of the struggle for El Pueblo

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Produced in Collaboration with the Athens Immigrant Rights Coalition
Directed by Joe Lavine
Cinematography and Sound Design by Chris Carson
Title Animation and Assistant Camera by David Andriate

- 1st Place at 2017 Cause + Effect Film Festival
- 2018 Broadcast Education Association’s Festival of Media Arts Award of Excellence

October 2017