Mission Statement

Our mission at Enlightened Media Productions is to inspire actions that bring justice to our community.

Through movement-based storytelling and documentary filmmaking, we use truth-telling to open up channels of community healing and structural change in Athens, Georgia and beyond.

Our success depends on how courageously we commit ourselves to the work of justice, and we will measure our success based on the degree of material change in the systems we live in.

Movement-Based Storytelling

Many of us are fighting for a more just Athens. We’re fighting for an Athens where wealth, land, and resources are distributed so that every resident can enjoy the freedom of economic stability. We’re fighting for an Athens where we share power equitably so communities that are impacted the most by white supremacy are empowered to reshape our political policy and social structures. We’re fighting for an Athens where every resident is guaranteed stable and healthy housing, where every child receives an education that enables their freedom, and where public safety becomes a force for health and restoration rather than violence and punishment.

Athens needs a platform that amplifies these movements, a platform that informs and inspires people to act, and a platform that imagines and builds a just Athens.

That’s what we’re about here at Enlightened Media Productions.

Our Process

We are creating the world we dream of within the process of creating the world we dream of. For our production company, we will only be sustainable in inspiring movements for justice and redistribution if our production process itself is just and redistributive.

Our process is summarized below in three recurring actions: Listen, Co-Create, and Engage. This process is aspirational as we learn, grow, and evolve as a production company.